So, this will not be a full CV, since my life has been taking many turns, contained loads of unexpected and spectacular experiences, changes, travels, cheers and tears – through many years.

This is my ceramist story.

I was born in Gothenburg. My mother was a textile artist. My father a violinist.

After having gone, to ceramic evening classes through the last 2 years, I started my caréer in ceramics at 16, working in a small ceramic studio, helping out through daytime, self educating – by the throwing wheel, after working hours.

I was obsessed with clay!

Meanwhile I went to evening-classes painting and drawing – preparing myself for an art school.

After a year, working in the studio I was obtained into the KV:s art school, in Gothenburg. A heaven of sculpting, painting, drawing and ceramic-classes.

Then a year later started my own ceramic teaching classes and established a small ceramic-atelier in the cellar of my mother’s house. Two years followed trying to get obtained into the higher schools of art, I was rejected in Gothenburg – but finally, as it suited my life well at that point – tried for the school in Copenhagen and was instantly obtained!

Moved to the beloved city of Copenhagen at an age of 20, and never got to move back “home”. I was educated in this wonderful school, which is no more :’(, for 5 extraordinary years…

Then, together with my best friend from school bought a ceramic studio in which I’ve had my development through the last 30 years. I went to and through during this time, working in other fields to earn my living, traveling in periods – where in periods at my atelier, my ceramics suddenly grew out of size, had to being measured to fit my kiln – they became big – hand built – useless – sculptural – and birds, snakes and other animals started growing out of them – along with the many groundbreaking experiences from my backpacker-like-style of travelling through the middle-east.

I found my way into exhibiting – and years followed mainly making things for showing, so they went around  being exposed at many places and at different occasions.

Then at a point, life happened, my dreams came true – and I had the incredible honour of getting a son!

A few years later at one of those exhibition-occasions, my contact to Royal Copenhagen was established.  Later on it led to the cooperation of, “Lifeline”, which I designed – and I worked for them, on a daily basis for about 4 years. This ended in 2001.

Since, I have continued exhibiting beside a lot of other life-happening-stuff which took place, and I had to find our, (me and my son’s), way through other work.

I never lost the grib of ceramics – my big passion in life – though. But times got heard for me, for several reasons, and a few years ago, had to leave the city of Copenhagen – to live in the country-side away from modern life technologie’s, like life threatening mobile towers, wifi’s and “smart-phones-all-over-the-place-town”.

Then last year, after 30 years,  had to leave my long loved studio.

SO now! Here I am, still alive! Starting ALL over – or rather, continuing my seemingly endless trip through life – in another place, a wonderful place, where I,  from now on, will both be living, and working with my ceramics! 🙂

Thanks for taking part of it! 🙂